in the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Germany (BFP)

Local church membership

In its self-understanding, the BFP is primarily a alliance of independent, local churches that have become members of the association.

In addition, there is also personal membership for the full-time pastors and spiritual leaders.

Personal membership of pastors and leaders

Personal membership is applied for by those who have completed theological training at a Bible school or theological seminary, have other previous theological training, or have already been ordained and appointed to ministry by another church movement. In this case, some integration courses are connected with the beginning of membership, which serve a good orientation and a common doctrinal orientation in the BFP as well as an help for integration in the BFP.

Also those who have been able to gather leadership experience as an elder or church leader in a congregation for many years and feel a personal calling to full-time spiritual ministry can complete a so-called "candidate training" in the BFP, which can be arranged alongside congregational ministry and/or professional activity.

If you are interested, we offer the "Kandidateneinführungstage" as a first step, which anyone can attend without obligation as information days. In the chronological order of the training, however, personal membership in the BFP is then only connected with entry into the vicariate. Further information and the current dates for the "Kandidateneinführungstage" can be found on the homepage

Inquiries about the association membership and personal membership should be directed to the BFP Personnel Officer, who will be happy to send more information and application forms.